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Four components  of complete player development 

 Our coaching philosophy is an expression how the game needs to be played and how the players needs to be train to achieve desire results. It depend of player's quality and existing game principles with contribution of effective defending and effective atacking strategy and tactics.Development of player technical abilities and player skill is determined in through the appropriate controlled  environment and real game condition."you can fix only what you can measure and you can measure only what you can evaluate.One of the biggest challenge is to change players mentality and teach them to think.Telling the players what you think instead of what they like to hear makes you a respectful and successful coach in whom players trust".

1. Club philosophy

 We focus on the development of each individual, both as a player on the field and also as a person. Our goal is to instill in our players a love of the game in addition to teaching valuable life skills. Our Academy is dedicated to total player development, and to achieve that, we offer a comprehensive program that focuses on the physical and psychological characteristics of the game. We offer physical development in the form of fitness training, technical development with ball mastery, in addition to developing technical knowledge and the mental aspect of the game through visualization tools. We also educate or players about the benefits of nutrition. We aim to keep a healthy balance between playing competitive soccer and enjoying the game. We want our players to develop a love for the game and build lasting relationships with their teammates. Power Soccer Academy USA strives to develop dedicated soccer players regardless of ability.  In addition, we hope to develop good, respectful individuals. We instill pride, confidence, respect and discipline in our players and help them reach their full potential.

  1. Where there is ability we want to get the best out of it.

  2. Where there is talent we want to enhance it.

  3. Where there is desire we want to reward it with opportunity

 Team philosophy 

 To develop a positive learning environment in which players are encouraged to express themselves and play freely without fear of making mistakes.

Long term player team preparation for competition development.

To develop technically gifted players.

To create intelligent, tactically-aware players who can adapt to the constantly changing game. 

To motivate players to play with imagination and give them opportunities to experiment.

To stimulate players to think for themselves and become skilled, independent decision makers. 

To inspire players and give them the tools they need to reach their full potential.

To deliver enjoyable, inspirational, inventive, age-appropriate coaching sessions which are challenging but achievable, in a fun learning environment.

To demand high standards, but accept mistakes as part and parcel of both development and the game and rectify them through a variety of coaching styles. 

To teach players to analyze their performances and encourage them to take responsibility for their own development.

To foster a two-way relationship between player and coach.

To create an atmosphere that produces confident, self-assured players.

To recognize that players need to be given time to develop and that each individual will develop in their own unique way.

To develop good people as well as good players by teaching life values and skills through soccer.

To use age–appropriate coaching vocabulary.

Develop players of all abilities whether they have college aspirations  play for social benefits or professional career.

 Player philosophy 

 Playing philosophy


Only dedication gets you where you want to be. 
Shoot for the stars and dare to dream. Smallest club in Michigan breaks into top 3 in Michigan and 25 in Region 2.
Humility and Hunger. 


Congratulations to our PSA down state team and amazing Coach Norman Power for huge success .
Our boys advanced in the group of 8 best teams in Michigan state.
We wish them best of luck in the State Cup competition. 


Great weekend of soccer in Appleton! We took home second in the U15 bracket. The kids left it all on the field. 
Both U11 and U15 teams took Tysen's #9 jersey onto the field with them, made a spot for it on the bench, had a moment of silence and took home a trophy for him! Forever a teammate! #PSA

"Success is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence and sellf confidence , intelligent planning, knowledge and experience."  S. Kostic

Congratulation to Norman Power and PSA 1999 boys .

The 6th  ranked team in Michigan



Congratulation to  Mason Smith.    Way to go Mason .



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Training Schedule

 Training schedule  

Above the line & Parent corner

 Above the line & Parent corner
Above the line  The coaching doesn’t mean only education. I think that coaching is something that we have to learn...

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Congratulations on being accepted into the APC Premier Cup - Boys Full Sided. 
WEBSITE: We will post brackets, schedules,...
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PSA  School Marquette
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